Monday, August 28, 2006


medusa is a  goldfish.
not just because she is fat and round, but because her attention span spans avout three seconds.
not very promising eh?
except when she is reading chick litt that, her concentration knows no bounds.
as a result of a freak boox exhibition and some unexpected money, the books that medusa has been reading for the last week or so are as follows....
the nanny diaries
the sisterhood of the travelling pants
coffe and kung fu
asking for trouble
the earth, my butt and other big round things.

needless to say, medusa has not gotten any work done for weeks now.
hmm, mabe the next post will be slightly more hopeful.
which reminds medusa, she is trying out email posting,let her see whether that works.


  1. Mizfit hopes that Medusa gets a fat cheque for free.

    mizfit also likes the earth, my butt and other big round things is that seriously a buk?).

  2. It's just nice to know you're still around.

  3. The above comment can be read at several levels:

    It's nice to see a fresh post from you, particularly as you don't comment on my blog every day.

    Or it could be a subtle reference to 'she is fat and round' (your words, not mine - I've never seen you, so couldn't possibly comment; being a gentleman I wouldn't anyway).

    Or even 'the earth, my butt and other big round things'.

    You decide.

  4. as far as I remeber, medusa is not fat and round, but the cutest thing that ever walked on presi!!! aha I still remeber the dol when I spread some gulal on medusa's check!!:)

  5. hehehe. i like chicklit too. dying to read 'devil wears prada'

  6. all of those titles sound very interesting.

    I need to read more!