Thursday, September 07, 2006

getting a hold on life

Medusa does not think a blog is necessarily a public journal of your daily life, and therefore may or may not require anonymity, but what she does think however is this: every once in a while a space that is devoted to Medusa's ramblings can take the shape of her journal, in which she may. at times write down stuff that she has been doing or intends to do.
enough of a long sentence now.
so, let us have updates first?
Medusa has some kind of hormonal imbalance, high on testosterone, and since she has botched up her medications, she was quite unwell for the last couple of days.
but again, there had been a lot of tension in the campus, and Medusa seems to be unable to find any way out of it.
thankfully the tension seems to have dissipated somewhat, and Medusa has no excuse not to go back to her daily mundane life, or maybe establish a daily mundane life in which she will get some work done.
having said this, Medusa goes back to try and clean up the room and the cupboard, after which she will make a daily routine  and force herself to stick by it.

by the way, there was a snake in Medusa's room last week, a two feet long brown snake sitting behind the laptop, by the time Medusa found the snake catcher, it had however disappeared. for those who dare to ask, why could not, MEDUSA CATCH THE SNAKE HERSELF, Medusa has reasons to not reveal her identity to every random snake that gets inside her room without prior notice.


  1. tomar to matha bhorti saapkhop - e piece or-i ekta noyeto. finally, phirle tahole!

  2. Charmaine9:05 AM

    Awww chicklit love it... where did you find all those titles. I thought said uni was all intellectual and all. Searched high and low for frivolous reading when I was there and all I could come up with was Kingsley Amis. Or was it Martin Amis?

  3. Nice to hear from you.

  4. hormonal imbalance? u too! hmmm...this explains a lot of things abt us.

    BTW, i sent that snake coz u weren't writing any posts. that was just a soft warning. don't make me send an anaconda or python to ur room!

  5. hmmm...pujote ascho naki??

  6. Came here off Hutum's. An aberration in your list of enthusiasms ... Suman Chatterjee? Kobir bloody pretentious ran-out-of-ideas-in-the-last-millenium Suman? In the same list with S&G and The Godfather?! Gah.


  7. Is it submission time at campus? Reporting from B-school where we had 7 deliverables last week. A week of red eyes, dark circles, sleep deprivation and WHERE THE HELL HAS HE GONE WITH MY USB DRIVE?.

  8. A hormone imbalance. sorry to hear that. that can be tough on a person. My oldest daughter has a problem with that(not that it's the same thing) it makes her a little crazy sometimes. She says drinking lots of soy milk helps & ginger tea.

    a big snake in your room! YIKES! snakes don't bother me too much but that would make my heart race.