Thursday, September 14, 2006


as usual, the heading has nothing to do with the post to come, just that medusa has been listening to belafonte for the past hour and a half.
and shahzad roy, and pussycat dolls and robbie williams.
this post, instead could have been about medusa's friend hero, whose status message on gmail chat is "i hate this world". now hero is not hero because he is heroic, or vain or magananimous or any such thing, maybe he is just a bit tragic, but that does not make him the hero that he is. he is the hero and a hero just because (could have written 'why becuase', the favourite pharse of some asshole or another who have been frequenting the campus) he is nice. and so nice. and he is lonely. but the funny part of this all is that it is his loneliness that makes him do things when they promise some kind of companionship in return, and even when the promises of companionship are retracted and nullified, he continues to function along the same mode.
or maybe, he is not like this anymore. after all medusa hasn't spoken to him for a year or so atleast.
but isnt loneliness an incurable disease?


  1. i think that quite often while lonely ppl keep complaining abt loneliness, they are so used to it that deep down they begin to fear companionship...yes, loneliness is an incurable disease.

  2. I hope not. I keep hoping not, despite everything that happens to me (or doesn't happen, if you see what I mean).

  3. but isnt loneliness an incurable disease? hmmmm, in my experience people are always changing as they mature. A person lonely now might not be in the future.