Thursday, April 13, 2006

rain rain come again

and it rained.
and we were there, with full force to meet it.
we jumped and shouted.
threw mud and water on each other.
rolled on the ground.
soaked up the water.
someone not so wise said, "for the first time it feels so good to be wet"
well, as far as i know, it always does...

open your arms wide. look the sky in the eye. you hardly ever do that anyway.
smell the mud and the rain. smell the cig that will save you.
smell the sky.
it cries.


  1. now i can die happy.
    it rained.

  2. That's lovely. reminds me of something I read about dark rain sniveling continuously & sympathetically from a dirty sky.

  3. i so want it to rain here :(

  4. rain and the experience u're talking bout both felt nice and yes whoever said it fely nice for the first time is not so wise.

  5. but u never said where it rained!....i mean the's becomes too important(4 me ofcourse) to get the whole spirit of this post.