Tuesday, April 25, 2006

gym gym gym gym

i have been quite ill. had my annual stomach upset and vomiting fits.....the hyd heat is as usual killing!!! so will not indulge in reservation controversies, l>t,hope u dont really mind the wait.
here is something about the only place that seems to make me happy these days.
When the cat's away, the mice will play:
Our paunchy gym owner/instructor was absent yesterday. and we had fun. i used to think that since we do not know telugu (the vernacular in hyd and in AP), the DUDE manages to oppress us, scold us, torment us and never say a kind word to us. it is my hypothesis that he didn't bother to learn niceties in english, realizing that barking oders at unwilling subjects of torture is all that he needs. at times he gives up verbal communication altogether. he smirks, grits his teeth and shows three fingers, implying "i know that you are cheating and have completed only three sets of this extremely gruelling exercise. but you need to do three sets and i am not likely to forget that."
therefore when his highness is away, the thin pretty boys group together in one corner and show off their camera phones to each other. the thinner boys try their hands (or other body parts)at the machines that they have so far been denied access to. the thin pretty girls flutter their eyelashes at the handful of hunks that we have been blessed with, and try to make conversation.
the hunks however put on their usual garb of unconcern and divide their time among heavily breathing in and out: trying to smell their deos as if, and admiring their magnificent muscles.
i try to ignore the mirrors, (very diff since they are everywhere) and pretend that the rolls of fat are actually not there. that i am not that ball of flesh that needs to be toned and done various other unimaginable things to...


  1. ur coach's strategy is better that what my coach employes. my coach, anil, has endearing dimples, big innocent eyes and a beautiful smile.

    not agreeing or showing tiredness when he expects certain exercises to be performed(it's always a performance!), he looks as if u just broke his heart and ur the vilest villian/vamp alive. it works everytime :(

  2. heheheh... Confessions of a Gym Bunny.... instant bestseller! lol

  3. wow! that sounds so much like the gym I went to for a few years & recently stopped going to. I badly need to go back but am dragging my feet.....excercise IS good, I keep telling myself.

  4. BTW, I did read nemo's comment on reservation. I sorta understand it. I am going to the internet to find out more, but might need another keyword besides reservation.

  5. like we have a gym now in our college....which (fortunately and unfortunately) is mostly used by the red-coats!

  6. awwwwww thats sweet!

  7. haha .cool post. brutally honest.