Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a night without cigarettes

run forest run.
run for your life.
the on campus cig store might close.
it is closed.
i do not have a single cig.
what to do now?
all the night stretches forward, and you start to feel like the patient etherised on the table.
the night, obviously, does not care.
come back to your room.
get out again.
look for people who have at times borrowed cig from you.
can't find any.
wonder why.
o yes, you always do the borrowing.
change of strategy.
beg and borrow.
get non smokers to beg for you.
no one is around.
of course, they like to go out and have their fun.
change of strategy again.
is it worth it to go out in the night and maybe get abducted?
not much chance, but lets find our possibilities inside the campus first.
have you looked into the ashtray and the dustbin?
yes, they are empty.
now it is too late to go out even.
there is some pot.
but no tobacco.
go to sleep
but i woke up just ten hours ago.
what the hell...
ok, good night.

cig. haunter


    ;_) yes, i'm mean and i laugh at smokers' predicaments. i'm only being a good national citizen. *preens*

  2. oh!
    i would have come over and given you the one that i owed you!

  3. You could, of course, just give up the filthy habit.

  4. oh the pain, the anguish, the thought that it's perhaps ur last night on earth and u r standing without a cigg. i can understand that!

    ::inhales a puff of Pall Mall::

  5. blogsite parasite12:18 PM

    "there is some pot. but no tobacco."

    Here is no tobacco but only pot
    pot and no tobacco and the sandy road
    The road winding above among the mountains
    Which are mountains of pot without tobacco
    If there were tobacco we should stop and drink
    Amongst the pot one cannot stop or think

  6. welcome back mr parasite.
    and can i publish this as part of my next post?

  7. blogsite parasite8:07 PM

    sure no problem... but I guess you'll first have to check with Mr. Eliot... and I can't seem to remember Madame Sosostris's number...