Sunday, December 20, 2009

From Medusa to Bantu

Medusa had hair like this, or so she used to believe. so she started a blog and called herself medusa, and started intermittently caring for for her curly hair, doing weird stuff like hot oil/ hot towel treatment, deep conditioning and such stuff.
but there was the fact that Kaatib (at likes her hair shorter, and there is always much much less hassle with shorter hair: no need to comb, or tie or do various things that will hide her fast receding hairline. so come summer, when her hair grows till her shoulders, medusa cuts it off.
but little did medusa know that soon she will have to join the great workforce comprising of suburban men in the heart of the industrial wasteland. it is not enough that every time she comes out to the corridor itsy-bitsy students look at her as if they are witnessing an alien invasion in their idyllic hometown. medusa knew that short hair/ curly long hair- both have this effect on unsuspecting by standers in places that are not the institute or the heart of megacity. but she also hoped that her colleagues who claim to be men of the world will not be hit by the shortness of it. even though they were hit, they did take it with significant good grace, having nicknamed her Bantu and claimed that her head looks more or less like this:


  1. i heard that you are coming!!!! welcome back!!!! to the residence of aliens!!!

  2. ah, the woes of the curly haired. i know. i sympathize :D

  3. Anonymous6:58 AM

    So I hear you are in Bantustan goes?
    p.s if only your hair looked 'like this' ;-)

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