Wednesday, September 30, 2009


If wishes were horses....
Medusa doesn't know this end.
What she does know, however, is that she wishes for a food blog. especially after a daily diet of TFP and Piko, she also wants to do the kind of service to the world of gluttons/ food aficionados that these wonderful women do day after day.
But, medusa lacks two very important things:
1) A camera
2) Nice looking food to take photos of.
However, when Medusa goes to her favourite restaurant in hyderabad, and eats her favourite food she borrows crumbs' phone and takes a photo.
Her favourite food at this restaurant is pepper chicken, and it looks like this


  1. "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

    Mmmm... chicken.

  2. I agree with Dave...on the "mmm...chicken" part :D

    Start a food blog. You can commission Geetu for the photographs :D

  3. which restaurant is this? who is crumbs