Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes

But it's home to me and I walk alone.....

"Boulevard of broken dreams" by Green Day is most definitley not one of medusa's favourite songs, it is not even a song that she likes. but today evening when medusa was walking on the terrace, covering less and less space in each round, somehow the song crept on her mind, aided by slow moving old old numbers on fever 104fm.

she was thinking of hyderabad and missing it immensely, not only for the people and for the lack of her own room, but also for the wide and long uninhabited stretches on walkable ways, covered on all sides with green green trees and shrubs and what not.

having grown up in the middle of a city, with only potted plants (frequently dying due to lack of water due to inattention), medusa almost lost her head in the university and in the adjoining one. trees trees everywhere, grass and leaves too.

trees that you can climb, and touch and what not.

having lived and walked through them for five years now, medusa does feel very very suffocated in the tiny flat at home, with only a roof top to go to for some respite. back at campus, when the going gets too tough or too boring, medusa canlways sneak away and if not generally chill out by herself.

come to think of it, these walks are the only times medusa does not feel the need for company, very very surprising given medusa's absolute dislike of being alone.

so, can medusa show these walks as a valid reason to postpone real life and to continue living on campus?


  1. Nice one... i can so associate myself with what you have said in the third paragraph... and on top of that with every passing day another green patch is disappearing. Yes, I am still surrounded by concrete and iron rods.
    The last line need not need answer... quite a few of us are expecting to see you in this campus for quite sometime! :)

  2. nice one, but very atypical writing from u, ur usual ridicule for the world missing in this piece

  3. Come out of the campus!
    find your own other spaces!