Sunday, December 21, 2008

you need to vacate!

Christmas season has brought unexpected cheer.
since last June Medusa had been living to the tune of "all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go".
the room was to have been renovated in June (having been partially renovated in march and in April), so Medusa packed all her belongings and  put them on top of the cupboard. in June. and she has been living off a suitcase with a single book to show in terms of research ever since. the threat of renovation never went away, and now people all around are moving in and out of their rooms, and getting swanky tiled floors and five plug points as a fringe benefit.
Medusa also pulled up her socks and arranged a spare room to move into for the time being. she packed a suitcase for clothes and hugged her (new)laptop, and informed the supervisor: "bhaiya, my room is empty, you can come and re tile my floor".
the bhaiya said, "But ma dame, you need not get your room renovated. we are going to demolish it instead."

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  1. I trust you will be getting vastly superior accommodation to compensate for your loss.