Sunday, February 24, 2008

nice film. but definitely not worth the hundred rupees i had to fish out at the multiplex.
would have been great had i got the dvd (moserbear, cost 34/-) and watched it at home.
but tis ok, though one wonders what happened to all the beautiful oh so beautiful people that used to flock film screens? the princess was decidedly non princessy.


  1. Cinema has been reduced to the rubble called multiplex. It is a pity, the whole exercise of going to watch a film on the big screen has become an exercise while it used to be such fun. Guess for me, it still is; I just miss the grandeur and old world charm. The latter is conspicuous by its absence even if the theatre is grand. And they should allow smoking again!!!

  2. hehehe i loved it because i got SO senti about ny. cried l,ike baby. mostly predictble though, un like the first shrek movie. dont even ask how much i had to pay!

  3. the moser bear dvd collection comprises Hollywood b graders and nothin else (Red Sonja and the likes)...
    i liek the profile snap btw...