Saturday, January 06, 2007

sini ne sini ne

what would it be like to be an ice queen? not caring and showing it? not having to pretend that one cares, and therefore not having to carry out the the added responsibilites that come with pretending to care.
sigh, that is perhaps the least of medusa's worries. her problem is caring too much, and then showing it, and then letting go of all semblances of sanity when the objects of her affection stop caring.
so, maybe the new new year's resolution will be caring less. but is that what medusa truly wants? or should she just learn to say "amor fati" and not feel bad abt her fate?


  1. Die dulci fruere

  2. ayya!!!
    i care toh!!
    dont feel bad haa, just been a lil busy!!

    heh heh!!

    happy new year sweetheart.

  3. Its a pity, huh? Feelings become such weaknesses. Self would worry before, now self keeps aoof from feelings. Cause they hurt too much.