Monday, October 02, 2006


medusa needs to sort out her commitment issues. not just random commitments to people or to causes, since people have always told her that her level commitment to anything that has to do with other people is unusually and unhealthily high,but she seems to have a problem whenever she needs to commit to something that has to do with herself.
for example, her health, and her career and her studies. since at the end of the day the only person remarkably affected by these things is herself, she assumes that she can take it easy and not care enough.
take the case of something like this blog. this belongs to medusa right.....and she seemed to care about it enough to write about stuff that matter and dont matter to her. but of late, it has been noticed that medusa turns to her blog only when she is unwell, or upset.
but that is not fair to the blog, is it........


  1. You write when you like, about what you like. I'll still come here every day to check.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Dave has a point.

    blogs should n' need cater to their owner's feelings, thoughts + pet peeves. why give a #$@% what others think??

    we do waaaay 2 much of that in daily life anywayz, na?

  3. hmm..good that u've now be serious about blogging...

  4. funny, something similar I had written in my diaries, which had turned as the recourse to bad mood...

  5. The odd blog post, just to know you're still alive, would be nice, though.

  6. your blogposts brought my sunday morning alive. dont know you from adam, but will safely assure you that you have a fan from now onwards..

    rock on stony woman! :D