Sunday, May 07, 2006


we have been having a lot of fun with orkut. serendipiduos n UG got to meet GHB, i talked to mizfit and all of us were thrilled to have found close talk. the fool on the hill and solan made guest has been two days /rather two nights filled with much laughter and joy and goofing around.
which reminds me of the serious prejudice i had against blogging and orkuting some time ago. i do not want to make people think that if you read my blog or my orkut profile you necessarily know me. but then i dont one anyone to think that they dont know me either. i mean after all there are many shades to one person right, and those who know me in non-internet life, need not be aware of medusa. and am hoping people who know medusa are happy without the outside me. and then there are the trusted few who have become blog buddies first and then real life friends.
however the way we are capable of going on and on about what is happening in the blog world, makes me often doubt as to what is real and what is not, which is not such a bad thing after all. i mean after being steeped in realist discourses all our lives, it is not a bad thing to take time out and rethink what is this real me that i need to show or to hide.
if in my blog people read what are suppsedly my innermost feelings then why would i be accused if exhibitonism? and even if i am, why is it necessarily a bad thing? after all exhibitionsim n voyeurism are perfectly natural parts of people's lives, and my love from voyeurism is directly attached to my need to gossip.
and gossip, my dears, is a very powerful challenge against patriarchal canons of knowledge.
so there.
have fun.


  1. Interesting post. I don't know if bloggers are exhibitionists, but most I know are certainly narcissists. We looove ourselves don't we :-)

  2. i love me and i love you.

  3. I blog through my alter-ego l>t who is an exhibitionist. I consider her to be a real part of me, too.
    Blogging is like real life I think. I mean there are rules of behavior & we all know where the line is. & like real life what people say has to be taken with a grain of salt.
    People that are stupid or naive don't change because they are blogging. & people who are dishonest with others in real life will be when they blog. I don't know how much of a persons real character is revealed but, I think the character that is shown on a blog is revealing.

    I hope you guys talked about me when you got together!!

  4. What would a 35-year-old man know about such things?

  5. when i began blogging, i didn't want anyone to read it. as time passed, my blog became my living room online. now i am comparitively comfortable bringing in people, strangers and old friends, receiving them into my mind in a written form.

    hey, exhibitionism is good sometimes. come, lets display our wares :)

  6. hee hee......see the link chhobiwala is not make it 'nemo'....and change the url too!

  7. i know i know nemo

  8. The practice of high end variety of P.N.P.C. the powerful bengali translation for English "Gossip" does have stimulating effect on intellect and is medically proven to be good for health. So carry on Medusa...we are listening.
    Thank u for dropping by my blog.

  9. Anonymous4:23 PM

    actually, im prolly a lil freer on here, too. being an introvert and all that.

    however, geminis tend to take alter-egos when doing certain things; this must be one of them!

    i think being able to say what you want to is very important. of course, not to the point of getting urself into trouble! ;)

    vive le free speech..

  10. change it viper queen! change my name in your link list.....the link is still not working!do sumthin.

  11. hya pishi. purushtantrey-er biorudhhey shob astro toiri rakho. nokh, dNaat, bhojali, gossip shob. aar eto antardwando keno? blog-e ja money hoye leko, porar lok bahut aache. exhibition na hoye holo-i ektu taate karur tonton korle bhojali ta ber koro.

    chalao pishi. thambar shomoy ekhon noye.

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